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Judge Robert D. Martin:  1990 - present

Chief Judge Catherine J. Furay: 2013 to present

Judge Thomas S. Utschig:  1986 - 2012 (retired)

**indicates most recently added


Recent & Notable Decisions
Judge Martin:

In re: Bogan (4/7/15)
In re: Carter (4/15/16)
In re: Clark 2 (4/23/15)
In re: Community Health Systems (8/25/15)
In re: Gorniak (4/8/16)
In re: Home Casual (5/19/15)
In re: Krueger (4/7/15)
In re: Montgomery (4/13/16)
In re: Swenby 2 (4/23/15)

Recent & Notable Decisions
Judge Furay:

In re: Ahren (11/19/15)
In re: Farmers Organic Foods (2/3/16)
In re: Gibson (2) (11/3/15)
In re: Gibson (3) (2/8/16)
In re: Gullicksrud (9/29/16)**
In re: Kruse (2/12/16)
In re: Larson (1/22/16)
In re: Laddusire (3) (11/19/15)
In re: Netzer (2/3/16)
In re: Roen/Dorshak (8/26/16)**
In re: Stincic (9/29/16)**
In re: Trampush (5/24/16)
In re: Windeshausen (2/29/16)


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Opinions are also available on the Government Printing Office website for Appellate, District and Bankrupty cases. The content of this collection dates back to April 2004, though searchable electronic holdings for some courts may be incomplete for this earlier time period.


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