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Want to find out whether the Western District bankruptcy judges have issued a decision on that pesky issue you're facing? 

Check out our keyword index to find cases categorized by the main topic or issue involved. 

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So many cases, too long an index - so we broke it up into three more manageable parts.  On this page you'll find cases arranged in alphabetic order under keywords Abandonment to Exemption.

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It is possible to research the cases in a variety of ways. All available decisions have been indexed by both keyword and the relevant statute/rule references. It is also possible to review case summaries for particular cases. Follow the links at the top of the page to utilize these features.


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(Abandonment - Exemption)

An (M) beside a case indicates that the decision was issued by Judge Robert D. Martin an (F) indicates a decision by Judge Catherine J. Furay and a (U) indicates Judge Thomas S. Utschig.

To view a short summary of the decision, click on the "view summary" link beside the case name. To view the full text of the decision, together with citation as appropriate, click on "view case" beside the case name.


Ability to Pay

Above-Median Income Debtor



Academic Transcript

Actual Fraud

Actual Notice

Actually Litigated

Adequate Protection

Administrative Expenses

Administrative Priority

Adjacent Property

After-Acquired Property

Agricultural Programs

Allowable Claim

Anti-modification Provisions

Applicable Commitment Period

Appropriate Alterations

Assignment of Security Interest

Attorney-Client Privilege

Attorney Error

Attorney Fees

Attorney Fees -- Award in Dischargeability Action

Attorney's Lien

Automatic Stay


Bad Faith

Bankruptcy Schedules

Best Interests


Breach of Contract

Broadcasting Licenses

Cash Collateral

Changed Circumstances

Chapter 7 Distribution

Chapter 11 -- Plan Disbursements

Civil Conspiracy


Claims -- Allowance

Claims -- Bar Date

Claims -- Classes

Claims -- Contingent

Claims -- Definition

Claims -- Equitable Reduction by Court

Claims -- Late Filed

Claims -- Preclusion

Claims -- Priority


Collateral Estoppel


Compensation of Professionals

Complaints -- Nondischargeability - Late Filed

Confirmation -- Chapter 11

Confirmation -- Chapter 13

Conservation Reserve Program

Constitutional Authority of Article I Court

Constructive Trust

Consumer Debt

Contemporaneous Exchange for New Value

Contempt of Court


Contract--Rules of Construction

Contract Disputes


Core Proceedings

Cure in Chapter 13 Plan

De-acceleration of mortgage

Defalcation while acting as a fiduciary


Default Judgment


Deposit Paid for Income Tax

Derivative Standing

Determination of secured status


Direct Payments


Discharge Injuction  


Dischargeability-Willful and Malicious



"Disinterested" Requirement -- Professionals


Divorce Decrees -- Maintenance or Property Division

Divorce Decrees -- Post Discharge Enforcement

Divorce Decrees -- Property of Estate

Domestic Support Obligation

Drunk Driving

Due or Payable

Due Process

Election of Remedies


Eleventh Amendment

Eligibility for Chapter 13


Entry of Default

Envirornmental Clean-up Costs

Equitable Liens

Equitable Subordination

Equitable Subrogation

Crawley (M)  [ view summary ]  [ view case ]
Duoss (M)  [ view summary ]  [ view case ]



Estoppel (promissory/judicial)

Evidentiary Burden

Exclusive Distributorship Agreement

Exclusivity Periods -- Extension

Excusable Neglect

Execution Sale

Executory Contracts


Exemptions -- Annuity

Exemptions -- ERISA

Exemptions -- Federal Tax Lien

Exemptions -- Homestead

Exemptions -- Objection

Exemptions -- Personal Injury Claim